Five Funny Pumpkins...

Yes! We know it's not Halloween... but our P4 kids have been practising this cute rhyme a lot and they want to show it to you. Watch and smile. And happy summer!

Puss in Boots Rehearsals 3rC




Well... we didn't have enough time for practicing... but these are our rehearsals. Hope you enjoy them!


Thursday 21st June:

06.10h. Everybody's ready to go to FISH&CHIPS!!! The bus is waiting for us.

07.00h. We have breakfast and they give us some pins: WE ARE CHIPS!

07.30h. On set. We meet Oriol Puig, the host!!! Many girls think he's....SOOO handsome and cute!

08.00h. The recording starts and we do the four games... we're excited and happy! Everything is going fine...

10.00h. And the winners are... CHIPS! ONZE DE SETEMBRE! We are the champions!

10.30h After having a shower, :-)...

11.00h. We come back home with the prize for our school, an amazing video camera recorder.

Don't forget visiting the blog during the next school year so you don't miss the program !!! We'll post some more photos soon...