Hi there guys, this is the video we made to show this year's performances. Click on the rainbow to watch.


00:40' - P4 - London Bridge is Falling Down
03:30' - P5 - What's the Weather Like?
05:50' - Year 1 - Do You Like This?
21:40' - Year 2 - I'm a Little Snowman / Two Little Dicky Birds
23:30' - Years 3 and 4 - I'll Think of You
32:40' - Year 5 - To Stop the Train / The Duchess at Tea / London's Burning / One Bright and Sunny Morning (Rounds)
37:10 - Year 6 - Hero



Here's the video you were waiting for! Last Thursday, 4th June we danced to BEST DAY OF MY LIFE by American Authors. Around 400 children dancing! More than one month of practice. A wonderful, great day for kids, teachers and parents, and an excellent way to finish the day. Enjoy!

Click here or on the picture to go to the link

ENGLISH DAY 2015: Morning games

With the help of New English For Schools and all the teachers and children we had a lovely morning today playing games.

At the same time a storyteller from Blue Mango Theatre came to tell our little ones the story of the Three Little Pigs.

This is how we managed to have a whole school doing English activities at the same time!!!

Here are some pictures. Don't they look amazing in all these colours of the rainbow? Enjoy!