Hard Working Challenge!

Hi, here's the first super winner of the HARD WORKING CHALLENGE of the first term.
She's Marta, she's in year 4 and she completed a lot of extra tasks to win the challenge.

Congratulations and thank you for your great job! 👏💪😘

Learning about New Zealand

Hi, we are learning about an English Speaking Country: New Zealand. It's an amazing country!

We are using a wonderful template by SCHOLASTIC, and we're working in groups to fill in all the information.

Travelling Notebooks - Interesting Data

Notebooks sent: 41
Notebooks returned: 15
Average posting cost: 2€
Some of the countries visited:

The United Kingdom
Czech Republic
The Netherlands

Cities visited: more than 40
Age of the participants: between 4 and 60 
Most travelled notebook: gone to 14 different places

Self correcting

Beauty and the Beast - Musical Theatre

Last Friday, the 26th of May, the Jumping Ducks theatre company came to our school to perform Beauty and the Beast for the Primary pupils. We had them in the gym and it was great! What extraordinary singers and actors! Thank you!

Travelling Notebooks Exhibition

Hi there,

Here are some pictures of the exhibition we are preparing with the notebooks that have arrived so far.

It's so thrilling to get them! And to read the great stories they have.

We want to thank all the participants for their sweet words and pictures. Reading English was never so motivating and interesting!

And if you're reading this and still have the notebook...hurry up and send it! We can't wait!

ENGLISH DAY 2017 - Getting ready!

English Day is almost here!

Friday, 7th April form 9 to 13!

This year we've learned lots of songs, but the dance is...CAN'T STOP THE FEELING!

Here's the video that inspired us...

We thought that a smiley would suit the positive feeling of the song, so our image for this year's edition is a happy smiley and the colour is yellow or orange.

So, don't forget to wear a yellow or orange T-shirt next Friday.
And for Primary children only, remember to bring an empty plastic bottle!


 ... Sílvia opens the door and what does she find? Happy people dancing !!! XD

Travelling Notebooks Update!

Boom! Great! Super! LOL!

The first Travelling Notebook is here!!!

Sant Quirze del Vallès (Catalunya, Spain) - Riells i Viabrea  (Catalunya, Spain)- Vic  (Catalunya, Spain)- Vic - L'Hospitalet de Llobregat  (Catalunya, Spain)- Rüsselsheim (Germany) - London (UK) - London (UK) - Sant Quirze del Vallès (Catalunya, Spain)

Wooow, we're super excited reading the wonderful letters and learning so much about the world!
Just can't wait to recieve the others!

Thank you!!!