Where is the...?

Hi again,
Now we've got some simple questions to practise ON, IN and UNDER, made by some students from 3rdA.

Very simple riddles

We're here with some new stuff - some simple riddles about our favourite animals...with beautiful pictures, by some students from 3rdA.

New schoolyear

Hi everybody!
The blog will come back again very soon, please be patient!

Our Songs...we'll never forget them

Here are some of the *real* songs we've learned this schoolyear in 6th class. You can find the lyrics at lyrics.com, azlyrics.com or simply at google.com. Enjoy and sing, please!

This is our town!

Hello everyone,
This is a video about our town, with pictures and voices by the students of the 6th class. It's especially dedicated to the students of the school LA JOTA, in Badia del Vallès. Happy summer!

The Trojan Horse 6B

This is our new video. Another one with the voices of 6A is coming soon!

Daily routines: 3A and 3B

Enjoy this video!

Pictures by all the children form 3rdA and 3rd B
Voices: Steven, Mireia G, Mireia B, Iunai, Sebastián and Pol

Project 6A and B: A Postcard from the Past

Here's an optional activity we did during the Easter Holidays. A postcard from a city...in the past.

Project: A New Planet 6B

These are the new planets we've just discovered...We hope you like them!