During the school year 2018-19 we celebrate the 10th edition of our English Day.

To remember all these years we've dived into the blog (which is, by the way, 11 this year...) and we've arranged the labels for you to have easy access to the posts of every year.

Here's a list of the topic and main song of every edition, along with the songs the kids learned every year and the main activities we did.


School Year 2009-2010 ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES - Dance: Do Re Mi

This was the first English Day we had. The idea was to study an English Speaking Country at each level. They did several activities to get to know the country and also learned a song related to the country.

Infantil England 
Year 1 USA - Yankee Doodle
Year 2 Canada - If You're Happy and you Know it
Year 3 Ireland - Molly Malone
Year 4 Australia - Waltzing Matilda
Year 5 South Africa - Wimoweh
Year 6 Jamaica - Banana Boat Song
Dance: Do Re Mi

As a closing activity we had Joan Baró, a singer playing Irish and English traditional songs for us. And in the afternoon we all danced together to Do Re Mi, the famous song from the film The Sound of Music.


School Year 2010-2011 THE BEATLES - Dance: All Together Now

This time we chose the Beatles and learned things about the story, time and importance of the Beatles. Each level learned a Beatles song:

Year 1 Love Me Do
Year 2 Hello, Goodbye
Year 3 Obladi-Oblada
Year 4 Yellow Submarine
Year 5 All You Need is Love
Year 6 With a Little Help From My Friends
Teachers: Help, All my loving
P3, P4 & P5 and Dance: All together now


School Year 2011-2012 FEELINGS - Dance: Walking on Sunshine

We learned vocabulary and dialogues about feelings and the songs each level practiced were all about feelings:

P3 Uh Huh!
P4 & P5 If You're happy and you Know it
Year 1 Time to Be Happy
Year 2 Three Little Birds
Year 3 Small World
Year 4 Applejack
Year 5 Summercat
Year 6 Whatever


School Year 2012-2013 WE ARE THE WORLD - Dance: We are the World

All levels learned the same song, We are the World by Michael Jackson, and we sang it together in the afternoon. We learned about the meaning of the song and did many cooperative activities. In the morning we had games in the classrooms that were created by the older students with the help of Natasha, our Language Assistant that year...


School Year 2013-2014 THE SEA - Dance: Under the Sea

This year we worked on the Projecte Interdisciplinari topic, The Mediterranean Sea, and we did lots of activities related to the sea. The children of Cicle Superior learned about Malta, an English Speaking country in the Mediterranean. This are the songs we learned and the Final Dance was Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid.

P3 Uh-Huh!
P4 Row Row Row Your Boat
P5 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive
Year 1 Slippery Fish
Year 2 My Bonnie
Year 3 & 4 Cups
Year 4 Lucky
Year 5 Yellow Submarine
Year 6 Sailing
Dance: Under the Sea


School Year 2014-2015 BEST DAY OF MY LIFE - Dance: Best Day of My Life

The most Optimistic English Day. With a great choreography by Marosa (a school mother!)

P4 London Bridge is Falling Down
P5 What's the Waeather Like?
Year 1 Do you Like This?
Year 2 I'm a Little Snowman / Two Little Dicky Birds
Year 3 I'll Think of You
Year 4 I'll Think of You
Year 5 To Stop the Train / Duchess at Tea / London's Burning / One Bright and Sunny Morning
Year 6 Hero


School Year 2015-2016 SHAKE IT OFF - Dance: Shake it Off

An English Day about friendship and respect, we chose an Anti-Bullying version of Shake It Off and did lots of activities.

 P4 Open Shut Them / Family Finger
P5 If You're Happy
Year 1 Four Great Toys in a Toy Shop
Year 2 In This Town / I'm Feeling Ill
Year 3 Catch and Release
Year 4 Spring, Spring, Spring / Steven Universe
Year 5 Starman
Year 6 Space Oddity


School Year 2016-2017 CAN'T STOP THE FEELING - Dance: Can't Stop the Feeling

This was a very colourful year! Family, Adventures and Friends were the main topics we learned about.

P4 One Little Finger
P5 If You're Happy
Year 1 The Baby Wants a Mother
Year 2 I'm a Little Snowman
Year 3 Cups
Year 4 Cups
Year 5 True Colours
Year 6 The Sound of Silence


School Year 2017-2018 WELCOME TO THE FAR WEST - Dance: Country Square Dance

This time we travelled to the Far West and learned about the USA and country and folk American music.

P3 Walking Walking
P4 Hokey Pokey
P5 I am the Music Man
Year 1 Oh Susanah!
Year 2 The Ants go Marching
Year 3 Surfing USA
Year 4 Cotton Fields
Year 5 My Darling Clementine
Year 6 This is Your Land


School Year 2018-2019 DESTINATION MOON! - Dance: Don't Stop Me Now

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the first travel to the Moon we learned lots of things about space, the moon, rockets and astronauts. It was a blast! And just following the Queen craze, the dance was a great success...!

P3 Twinkle, Twinkle
P4 Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, We're Going to the Moon
P5 Astronaut, Astronaut
Year 1 Five Little Astronauts
Year 2 We're Bounce Patrol Astronauts
Year 3 & 4 Starman
Year 5 Rocket Man
Year 6 Space Oddity


And this is it for now! We are already thinking about 2019-2020 English Day, have you got any ideas? See you all very soon...

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